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    Undergraduate Academics

    Dixie Electric Ltd. has a healthy relationship with Ryerson University’s Industrial Engineering program. We currently hire interns from the department and have organized many student tours and collaborated with courses such as IND-303 Work Measurement, Analysis and Design and IND-816 Service Operations Management. We also have 4th year industrial engineering students partnering with Dixie Electric Ltd. to complete their 4th year capstone (graduation) project.

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    Post-Graduate Research

    Dixie is currently working on projects with researchers at Ryerson University from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department. We seek to have our projects published in the top internationally recognized academic journal publications.

    Examples of previous work include:

    Bazan, E., Jaber, M. Y., & Zanoni, S. (2017). Carbon emissions and energy effects on a two-level manufacturer-retailer closed-loop supply chain model with remanufacturing subject to different coordination mechanisms. International Journal of Production Economics, 183, 394-408.)

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