Welcome to the Dixie Tech Tips and Suggestions area, a special service Dixie Electric Ltd. provides.

Problems (often called “defects”) are manifested in alternators and starters that many times can be traced to malfunctions in wiring and other electrical accessories on a vehicle.

Dixie offers its Customers vehicle specific Dixie Tech Tips to help recognize and properly service these problems. The Dixie Tech Tips are sorted below in bulletin sequence and can be searched using the web-browser search function. There are several non-vehicle related Dixie Tech Tips listed below. The vehicle specific Dixie Tech Tips can also be found using the Dixie E-Catalogue section of the website.

Dixie Tech Tips are compiled from various sources and are directed to “service professionals” When servicing a mechanical or electrical item be sure to follow all safety procedures. Using improper tools or procedures can result in personal injury and vehicle damage. Dixie will not be held liable for damages, expenses or other liabilities incurred from using these tips.

Dixie Customers may direct questions to Tech Services in Concord by visiting our Contact Us page.

To find out if your vehicle has a TSB, go to our e-Cat and filter by application.

General Technical InformationTech Tip
Voltage Drop TestingTSB_001
Bearing Failure AnalysisTSB_002
Belts and Belt TensionTSB_003
Precision Measuring ToolsTSB_004
Alternator Battery Cables and High Output AlternatorsTSB_005
Measuring Quiescent DrawTSB_006
Coach Applications: Why they may burnTSB_007
Alternator Trouble Shooting GuideALT-TSG-020
Alternator Installation GuideTSB_011
Alternator Pulley Installation GuideTSB_012
Testing Alternators: Then and NowTSB_013
Starter Trouble Shooting GuideSTR-TSG-022
Starter Installation GuideTSB_021
Intermittent Issues with Alternators & StartersTSB_031
Cold Solder ConnectionTSB_032
Dixie’s Ford 6G Type Regulator InterchangeTSB_033
Dixie 109-18207 Wiring ConnectionsTSB_034

To find out if your vehicle has a TSB, go to our e-Cat and filter by application.